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Classic Malts The Hidden Malts

NOSING & TASTING > The Classic Malts of Scotland


Session at 1 p.m. and at 3 p.m. on reservation and at night also on reservation


In 2002 Diageo decided to give 4 of their brands some more attention and The Hidden
Malts range was launched comprising


The Hidden Malts existed for several years, but today 3 of the whiskies are included
in the extended Classic Malts Range, while GLEN  ORD  is a hugely successful member of
the Singleton family.

We choose the whiskies from our existing stock, this changes from time to time.

4 à 2 cl: The Hidden Malts, GLEN  ELGIN,  GLEN  ORD,  CLYNELISH,  CAOL  ILA

= 45,00  per person

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