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Sinds Juli 2003 is de naam van de distilleerderij veranderd in Cardow.
'Whisky experts are watching the reactions of Cardhu drinkers closely after its parent company scrapped the single malt version of the whisky and replaced it with a vatted version.
From the beginning of July Diageo stopped selling Cardhu single malt and started selling Cardhu Pure, a vatted malt containing whisky from up to three other Diageo distilleries, including whisky from Glendullan.
Effectively the move changes Cardhu from being a distillery single malt to being a Diageo barnd.
The international drinks company has spent much of the year bracing the trade for the change and fronting up to potential cynics, including journalists, to explain the reasons for the change.
And it argues that it is not only being totally honest about the move but is potentially acting as trailblazer, claiming that other whisky producers could well follow them down the vatted whisky route.
The decision to move to a new version of the drink has been made purely for commercial reasons. Cardhu is highly populair in Spain, and all stocks are accounted for.
The only way to grow the category without building a new distillery is to mix it with something else.
Even adding just 20 per cent more whisky to its stocks will give Diageo the opportunity to significantly grow its sales of the brand in Europe.
Dr. Nicholas Morgan, marketing director for premium malts at Diageo, said that Cardhu Pure retained the qualities associated with Cardhu and had been created to meet the demands of a Cardhu drinker.
Highland Malt Speyside CARDHU April 2004
Diageo trekt zijn omstreden plan in om Cardhu als vatted malt uit te brengen in, de single malt Cardhu wordt opnieuw uitgebracht, echter niet in alle markten.
Of de distilleerderijnaam Cardow nu wordt veranderd in opnieuw Cardhu, is niet bekent.
CARDOW  also see Cardhu

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