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1951 -  2014

STANLEY P. MORRISON  from Whisky Broker to Whisky Distiller

“Whisky Broker”, a very important figure, with a central role in balancing supply and demand whilst maintaining commercial confidentiality,1950s there was a shortage of mature stock a.o. at the 33000 brewery tied houses.

Malmaison Hotel Restaurant 17th July 1963, Stanley P. Morrison overheard a sniper of conversation from the next table, under discussion was the pending sale of the Bowmore distillery, rapidly finishing his lunch SPM called the widown of the late owner and bought Bowmore Distillery.

The air raid of 12-13 March 1941 by  the Luftwaffe left its mark in more ways: Auchentoshan and Yoker distilleries were hit, the cooling water pond is a relic of the bombers unanted visit, it’s a crater made by one of the bombs, who were aiming for the Clydebank shipyards, over 1000 people were killed or seriously wounded, around 12000 houses were damaged and some 35000 people made homeless.

One of the oldest of Scotland dating back to 1797. Stanley P. Morrison fell into conversation with the daughter of the brewer at Glen Garioch with had recently been mothballed due to the water problem, suffice it to say that her views on the availability of water did not accord with that of the Distillers Company Limited, the then owner of Glen Garioch, and having once bought Bowmore distillery on the strenght of something overheard in a restaurant,  
Stanley P. Morrison was intrigued to look further and a deal was concluded with Bill Burnet of the Distillers Company Limited owner of Glen Garioch.
With no time to lose a diviner was called in and very shortly a new spring was discovered flowing so much more strongly than the original source that production could be increased tenfold.

We choose the whiskies from our existing stock, this change from time to time.

This 3 Scotch Single Malt Whiskies AUCHENTOSHAN, GLENGARICH, BOWMORE à 2 cl = 75,00  per person.
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