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Our Journey
We began our pursuit of Single Malt Scotch Whisky perfection in 2020, laying down our first cask in February of that year.  We are a distillery with big ambitions.

Our distillery is still growing and we are in the process of building our own on-site maltings facility. Our exceptional new make spirit is currently produced using locally malted Scottish grown barley while our own barley is growing in the fields of Jackton Estate. We are on the path to providing you with a true seed to spirit experience.

February 12th...
The 12th of February 2020 marked the date when our RAER team filled our first cask that began our Single Malt Scotch Whisky journey here at Jackton Distillery. We have worked extensively to source the highest quality casks from all over the world in which to mature our new make spirit which will become our malt whisky. The spirit is then given the luxury of time to soak up the richness and the flavours of the liquid previously held within the oak cask.  While we wait patiently for our ‘Water of Life’ to mature, our passionate, talented team are creating further exciting additions to our growing range of world-class spirits.
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