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Raasay While We Wait Single Malt Scotch Whisky 46 % abv, natural colour, non – chill

While waiting for Raasay Distillery to rise beneath Dun Caan, we’ ve crafted a single
malt demonstrating our whisky making skills to offer a tantalising taster of what’s
to come.

We achived this blending two expressions from one distillery, one peated, one unpeated.

The whisky then finished in French oak, Tuscan wine casks from three vineyards that
produce Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

The result= Single malt whisky of uncommon provenance.

Aptly enough, this special edition, light peated whisky is christened While We Wait.

Raasay & Borders Distillers

The Borders has not seen a whisky distillery since 1837, and our Isle of Raasay
Distillery will be the first ever legal one on the island of just 120 residents.

Our roots in both the Scottish Borders and the Hebrides are physically em –
bodied by our Cofounder, Alasdair Day. Alasdair’s great – grand – father,
Allan Macdonald, hailed from the Hebrides. His other great – grandfather,
Richard Day was a whisky blender in the Border town of Coldstream with
a heritage back to 1820.

Building distilleries takes time though, so we are satisfying our impatience
by working with a Highland distillery to very deliberately craft the styles of
whisky representative of what’s to come.

The Cellar Book
In the pages of the cellar book, an accounts ledger in which can be found
buying probably beer – possibly whisky – Richard Day later recorded all
his acquired wisdom, decades of whisky learning and lore.

Over time the volume with all its blended whisky recipes passed into the
capable hands of R & B’s Alasdair Day and after a 70 year gap The
Tweeddale Blend was recreated.

As whisky adventurers and innovators, at R & B we rarely do anything
by the book, Unless, of course, it’s Richard Day’s cellar book.

Although the distillery is still under construction, the style of spirit to be produced
at Isle of Raasay has long been defined by founder Alasdair Day. A long fermentation
and plenty of copper contact, including a cooling jacket on the wash still lyne arm
and an inclined lyne arm on the spirit still, will result in a clean, fruity  - a nod t with
an element of smoke imparted by the lioghtly peated malt.

R & B Distillers intends to make full use of maturation in first – fill American oak,
European oak and Tuscan red wine casks – a nod to the origins of Raasay’s stills.

Isle of Raasay’s signature whisky may be a fruity, sweet and lightly peated malt –
as seen in its pre – emtive release, Raasay While We Wait – but the distillery’s
configuration has been created to – allow for experimentation with fermentation
and distillation.

Therefore we can expect to see a variety of styles from this small island distillery.

Isle of Raasay history
R & B Distillers co – founder Alasdair Day had intended to build his first distillery
in the Scottish Borders, near to where his great grandfather blended whisky in a
grocer’s shop.

Day and business partner, internet entrepreneur Bill Dobbie, were in need of a
plant to supply malt whisky for their Tweeddale blend. However it was a re –
commendation from a friend that led the duo to consider the Hebridean Island
of Rasaay for their first project.

The island not only represented a prime oppotunity in terms of location, but
never before had Raasay been home to a legal whisky distillery.

The company secured the vacant Borodale House in 2015, a Victorian building
most recently used as a hotel, and is currently in the process of renovating
the site into a distillery and visitor centre with accommodation for members
of its Tusairean whisky club.

R & B Distillers expects Isle of Raasay distillery to be up and running by summer

In anticipation of the distillery’s first whisky, R & B created Raasay While We                                     
Wait in 2015, a peated Highland single malt that’s reflective of the spirit Raasay
distillery will soon produce.

2014 R & B Distillers founded by Alasdair Day and Bill Dobbie.
2016 February Planning perm received to build Isle of Raasay distillery.

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