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Restaurant Het Kompas


The Original  

Since 20 - 01 - 1981

North 53o 01o 34”  Eastern longitude 4o 45o 11"

Probably TeXel's Smallest Restaurant

Corona Pandemic:

We will have a strict reservations policy and therefore we kindley ask that bookings must be made in advance.
only on reservation: +31 - (0) 222 319360 & e-mail

10 guests can have dinner in one evening

With only tables for 2 guests

Open at 12.00 p.m on reservation and you can enter our restaurant / bar till 20.45 p.m also on reservation
Closed on Tuesday

From Earth to Table

Times Change, Authtentic Remains

Slow Food is a return to genuine Values, such as Craft, Timeless, Sustainable, Local, Seasonally, Organic

Slow Food is a Mindset, be Slow and take your Time to Drink and Dine

Taking the time to do something well, using exellent Ingredients and then savouring the results

Slow Living / Slow Travel / Slow Dining / Slow Drinking / Slow Cooking

Vegetables come through Goenga Spar Supermarkt from Biodynamic farm Novalishoeve in Den Hoorn
and TeXels Lamb & TeXels Beef comes from Goenga Slagerij in Den Hoorn

With born, grazed and slaughtered TeXel lamb
and TeXel beef served in generous portions

Member of La Vialla Vino Biologico Organico / Bio Vegan, Toscane

Where the table's are all set

Where the vegetables come in a steaming bowl on table

Herb from our garden plucked that very morning

Classical music plays in the background

We believe in Authenticity Provenance & Traceability

We do not accept debit – (pin) & credit cards
We do accept Mobiel Banking

We do not follow Trends.
We have our own Beliefs
And that is what we Are

The Scotch  Whisky  Bar

Nosing & Tastings

(Whisky Proeverijen)

Session at 3.00 p.m on reservation

A Nosing & Tasting can take between one and three hours depending on the questions being ask

Scotch Single Malt-, Vintage-, & Single Cask Whiskies

20 Single Grain - & Single Malt Whiskies from TeXel

Each bottle Unique

The Living Cask with m
ore then 100 different Scotch Single Malt Whiskies in one glass

Over 300 different bottles

We didn' t join the Scotch Single Malt Whisky Movement
We started It

Bank: NL03INGB0673463400
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