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Illustrated by Bailey
Bailey, Karen - Irish Toasts

Barnard, Alfred - The Whisky Distilleries of The United Kingdom 1887

Barnard, Alfred - A Ramble Through Canongate in Connection with J & G StewartOlde ScotsbWhisky, Edinburgh

Barnard, Alfred - The Whisky Distilleries of Scotland 1887
(a selective reprint of Alfred Barnards's 1887 guide)

Bauman, Peter / Ole Hoyer / Wendy Snowdon - Schottland, Highlands und Islands

Bell, Colin / illustrated by John Mackay - Colin Bell's Famous Drambusters Guide !
Bell's Introduction to Scotland - Afore ye go (map)

Bergius, Adam / illustrations Rowland Emett - Make your own Scotch Whisky

Blackwood Distillers Holdings plc - Shetland

Blake, George - The Heart of Scotland

Bold, Alan - Drink to me only, The Prose (and cons) of Drinking

Brander, Michael - The Essential Guide to Scotch Whisky

Brander, Michael - The Original Guide to Scotch Whisky

Breeze, David J. - Hadrian's Wall

Brilleman, Robin - Puur

Brilleman, Robin - Schotse Malt Whisky, de Gids

Brilleman, Robin - De Chemie van Schotse Malt Whisky

Brilleman, Robin - Islay Whisky - eiland vol geschiedenis

Brilleman, Robin - 102 Mythen uit Whiskyland

Bronfman, Edgar M. - Good Spirits

Broom, Dave - De Barkeepers Bijbel

Broom, Dave - Whisky, De Wereldatlas

Brossard,  Dr. Patrick, Glen Garioch; The Manson Distillery, A Hidden Gem in Aberdeenshire

Brossard,  Dr. Patrick,  Brora, A Legendary Distillery (1819 - 1983) and Whisky

Brown, David - Irish Jokes

Brown, Gordon - The Whisky Trails

Burns, Edward - It's a bad thing whisky, especially Bad Whisky

Buxrud, Ulf - Rare Malts, Facts, Figures and Taste

Buxton, Ian - Glenglassaugh, A Distillery reborn

Buxton, Ian - The Enduring Legacy of Dewar's, A Company History

Buxton, Ian - Highland Park, A Good Foundation (a reprint from 1924)

Buxton, Ian - Glenfarclas, An Independent Distilery

Buxton, Ian - But the Distilleries Went On, The Morrison Bowmore Story, The History of a Scotch Whisky Company 1951 - 2014

Buxton, Ian  - Whiskies Galore - A Tour of Scotland's Island Distilleries

Buxton, Ian and Hughes, Paul S - The Science and Commerce of Whisky
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