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The Story

1998 The idea
Perhaps it sounds too simple, but it all started with a skiing trip. Eight friends met up at a mountain lodge in the spring of 1998. Each had taken along a bottle of malt whisky for the host; the topic of conversation was obvious. How do you make whisky? And why isn't there a Swedish one? The question led us to start exploring the possibilities of making our own Swedish whisky.
1999 The company is founded
Mackmyra was founded after one year's preparation in March 1999 and started a pilot distillery the same year. For the first year the business was run by the company's eight founders, with no employees. The first drops of raw whisky were distilled on 18 December 1999. We produced 170 different recipes and our ambassadors participated in the challenge to decide which two recipes we were going to use. In spring 2002 we were ready, and the outcome was Mackmyra Elegant and Mackmyra Smoke. During 2002 we also built the new distillery and went from being a pilot distillery to a small-scale producer.
2002 Mackmyra Reserve
Mackmyra Reserve offers customers the opportunity to track their own personal 30-litre cask from production through maturation to final bottling, at a time of the customer's own choosing. At present we have several thousand co-owners and/or cask owners. To a large extent these groups overlap and form a core of ambassadors, people with a deep interest in Mackmyra.
2006 Mackmyra Preludium
Mackmyra's first young, bottled series of limited editions was developed as a concept and launched in 2006 and 2007. Together they made a prelude to the new Swedish whisky. The bottles sold out in a couple of hours.
2008 The First Edition and Mackmyra Brukswhisky
2008 was the year when the first Swedish whisky produced in large volumes, "The First Edition", was launched. It is produced in our very own way, using Swedish ingredients and no additives whatsoever. 2009 also saw the start of the building process for our own whisky village deep in the forest of Gävle. In 2010 we launched Mackmyra Brukswhisky with the aim of becoming established in the premium

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